• Employees

    The employees of Passport and Visa Services are trained professionals.  We are knowledgeable and experienced in all facets of Passport and Visa expediting.  We also have excellent working relationships with the staffs of the various embassies and consulates which we interact with on a frequent basis.  This high level of professionalism allows us to offer our clients a seamless, pleasant ordering experience and a fast turn-a-round for completed documents.  Our staff truly “cares” about the successful outcome of your transaction and this desire for a positive result truly show in their effort to go “above and beyond” to make this happen.

  • Training

    All of our employees are vetted with a thorough background check prior to beginning their employment.  Our passport and visa expeditors go through a rigorous training program and are well trained in all aspects of Government and Embassy policies and procedures as it relates to handling of passport and visa documents.  In addition, we maintain log books both hard copy and digital, which tracks the progress of all documents from retrieving the paperwork from our client to delivering the finished product.  Our employees also refer to our operations manual which details fro our experiences the requirements of all Consulates and Embassies as it relates to procedures and turnaround times.

  • Online Tracking System

    As mentioned, our proprietary software is state-of-the-art online tracking system can provide you with useful information on your visa processing status. You can track your visa status online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  From the time your documents are received, they are given a Number and this Number can be tracked to when it is dropped off at an Embassy, a pick up date is added and a projected ship to date along with a tracking number after the documents have been delivered.  We have developed proprietary software that will allow you to track your order through each step of the process from the moment it leaves your hands to the second it is delivered to your doorstep. It is our goal to provide each and every client with the secure and rapid delivery of his or her documents.

  • Peace of Mind

    When a customer engages our services he/she will have peace of mind knowing that their personal, private information is “in good hands” safe, and secure.  We go to great lengths to protect client information by using sealed envelopes, hand delivering information to respective embassies and consulates.  We only ship documentation with Fedex or had deliver with staff employees.

  • Value

    Passport and Visas truly offers the best value on the market. We have many different levels of service from “end to end” to “minimal involvement”.  In addition, we also offer standard as well as expedited and rush services.  So in an effort to meet our client’s needs and budget we can tailor make a program to meet their requirements and affordable processing options to fit their budget.  We also offer volume discounts as well as corporate rates for regular customers.

  • Verification

    We will meticulously review your application form and supplemental documentation to minimize any costly mistakes that may cause delay or rejection of your passport and visa.  We do not charge for this service.  This allows our clients to know that the probability of their document being returned completed after submitting the paperwork to the Embassies is very high.  The submission to the Embassies of incomplete or missing paperwork creates real delays that can result in lost time, money and delays or even cancellation of departures.

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